I’ve been working with terminator for years and one of the best things you can do is personalize your own layout with custom commands in each window.

Be careful, terminator version 1.90 won’t render layouts properly. I’m using terminator 1.91

In my default configuration I have three windows, each one executes different commands:

  • df -h ; bash
  • cd /home/mortiz/projects/; ls -ltr ; bash
  • ip addr; bash

As well each of them have their own colors and opacity settings.

But why «;bash» at the end of each command? Because if you don’t, the window will be closed immediately after the first command is executed.

Every  time I open terminator it look like this:

This is the default configuration file (/home/mortiz/.config/terminator/config) as reference:

If you want to design your own layout different sizes of windows or colors you can do it by setting the preferences as described in this document.

Be careful, in version 1.91 I wasn’t able to setup custom commands in Preferences > Layouts > terminal > Custom Commands Instead try with Preferences > Profiles > Custom Command as showed in the image below