Using this script I’ve extended its functionality to list all the JMS resources which are:

  • List all JMS Modules: cmo.getJMSSystemResources()
  • JMS Submodules
    • List all Connection Factories: .getConnectionFactories()
    • List all Distributed Topics: distTopic.getName()
    • List all Queues: .getQueues()
    • List all Quotas: .getQuotas()
    • List all SAF Imported Destination: .getSAFImportedDestinations()
    • List all SAF Remote Context: .getSAFRemoteContexts()
    • List all Topics: .getTopics()
    • List all Uniform Distributed Queues: .getUniformDistributedQueues()

How to use this script:

# miguel.ortiz
# bring all jms modules
connect( 'User' , 'Pass' , 't3://<HOST_IP>:<HOST_PORT>' )

allJMSResources = cmo.getJMSSystemResources()
for jmsResource in allJMSResources:
   module = jmsResource.getName()
   print '\n'
   print '===== MODULE ======'
   print "MODULE", module
   print '==================='
   udqs = jmsResource.getJMSResource().getUniformDistributedQueues()
   for udq in udqs:
      print "DISTQUEUE", udq.getName(), " JNDINAME", udq.getJNDIName()
   connectionFactories = jmsResource.getJMSResource().getConnectionFactories()
   for conFac in connectionFactories :
      print "CONFAC", conFac.getName()
   normalQueues = jmsResource.getJMSResource().getQueues()
   for oneQueue in normalQueues :
	print "QUEUE", oneQueue.getName()
   safContext = jmsResource.getJMSResource().getSAFImportedDestinations()
   for safContxt in safContext :
	print "SAFCONTXT" , safContxt.getName()
   safRemoteContext = jmsResource.getJMSResource().getSAFRemoteContexts()
   for safRemContxt in safRemoteContext :
        print "SAFREMOTECONTXT" , safRemContxt.getName()
   distTopics =  jmsResource.getJMSResource().getDistributedTopics()
   for distTopic in distTopics :
        print "DISTTOPIC" , distTopic.getName() 
   getQuotas = jmsResource.getJMSResource().getQuotas()
   for quota in getQuotas :
       print "QUOTA" , quota.getName()
   getTopics = jmsResource.getJMSResource().getTopics()
   for topic in getTopics :
       print "TOPIC" , topic.getName()