Basically we must obtain a list of sca_ resources deployed in our servers, some of them are clusters, although some use different IP/Ports the tool keeps the same.

The main document can be found here in the Oracle webiste.  Basically, there are two main functions to achieve this task:

  • sca_listDeployedComposites()
  • sca_listCompositesInPartition()

In order to use them you must use the weblogic scripting tool from the Oracle home:

  • <MIDDLEWARE_HOME>/soa/common/bin/

If you use the from Weblogic, OSB or oracle_common you’ll receive the next error:

Just because this custom functions are not available on those installations.

If you have a cluster, use the IP/PORT of one of your managed servers otherwise you’ll receive the error:

Or this error:

Usage: you should connect to your domain and execute the function like this:

I’ve written an script to perform the task in different domains. The script must be run in this way: