My system has been freezing from time to time, today it became totally unresponsive even after a restart. I saw many services failing in the boot loading process.

After checking the disk I found that /var was at 100%, checking the logs we must thank Chrome for such disgrace:
CommandBufferHelper::AllocateRingBuffer() failed

Searching for this error only lead me to an unanswered thread on the ubuntu-mate community.

I’ve changed some settings to see if I have luck with this problem:

  • Themes (Use Classic not GTK+)
  • Use a webservice to help resolve navigation errors (now disabled)
  • Use a prediction service to load pages more quickly (now disabled)
  • Automatically send some system information and page content to Google to help detect dangerous apps and sites (now disabled)
  • Continue running background apps when Google Chrome is closed (now disabled)
  • Use hardware acceleration when available (now disabled)

I’ll update this post if things get fixed by changing this settings or not.