So I was trying to install «nativefier» (a software developed on top of ElectronJS) to make any website a desktop application.

Because I was behind a corporate firewall I had some troubles making npm work:

Although I tried exporting my proxy settings in the console it didn’t work:

After some search in Google you can set the proxy settings for NPM (note the difference between (http_proxy Linux Environment) and http-proxy (NPM Environment):

Some user even reported for «https» to work you must add the «=» sign:

After adding those proxy in my environment it appeared to work but a new error appeared:

And when you use «sudo» you’ll have the «getaddrinfo ENOTFOUND»  error again. This has sense because when you do (npm config set http-proxy) it will store those values in your .npmrc file:

So I’ve just copied it to /root:

After that, everything worked: